BIZ.SUPPORT provides business consulting services, obtaining financing through EU funds and EU programmes, education and training services. Founded in 2008.

Dolores Pušar Banović, PhD.

Independent consultant and educator LEARN MORE

Business consulting services

  • Company finances assistance
  • Business plans and investment studies development
  • Strategic plans and development strategies
  • Business valuation
  • Due diligence
  • Financial restructuring
  • Controlling

EU funds and EU programmes services

  • Project application - EU funds and EU programmes tenders
  • Feasibility studies and cost benefit analysis
  • Business plans and investment studies development

Education and trainings

  • Business finance
  • Financial analysis
  • Business planning and capital budgeting
  • Controlling
  • Business valuation
  • Business combinations
  • Financial markets and institutions
  • Financial instruments
  • Risk management

The owner of BIZ.SUPPORT is Dolores Pušar Banović PhD., high school professor and licensed project manager for EU funds. She has many years of experience in the field of corporate finance, banking and real estate management.

Dolores Pušar Banović, PhD. started her career in the "Uljanik Group" as a Project Manager, where she worked on projects of recovery, ownership transformation, privatization, business valuation, development strategies, establishment of financial institutions, etc.

She continues her career in the banking sector, first in Histria bank d.d. as a Head of Accounting and Reporting Affairs, then in Istarska kreditna banka Umag d.d. as a Retail Manager in the Pula Branch Office. In Riječka banka d.d. she was Director of the Pula Branch, in Erste & Steiermarkische bank d.d. at the position of Director of the Pula Advisory Center and again in the Istarska kreditna banka Umag d.d. in the sector of financial controlling.

In 2005, she moved from the banking sector to the investment funds sector. She was employed by Terra Invest d.o.o. for the establishment and management of investment funds as a President of the Management Board of the Company and President of the Management Board for the real estate funds managed by the company - Terra Firma d.d. and Terra Mediterranea d.d.

Since 2008 she has been engaged as a lecturer at the RRIF College of Financial Management - Zagreb. Since 2013 she has been a lecturer at the VERN's University. At both institutions she is still engaged as a professor, a lecturer in the financial group of subjects.

She has master's degree in capital budgeting with the topic "Real option method in the evaluation of investment projects" and a PhD in the field of real estate valuation with the topic "Diversification effects of including real estate in the investment portfolio".

Since 2015, she has been the President of the Organizing Committee of the International Scientific and Professional Conference Accounting and Management (RIM) organized by the Croatian Accountants Association and the RRiF College of Financial Management.

The founder of BIZ.SUPPORT has a specialization in the field of execution and implementation of EU funds projects, evaluation of investment projects. In the organization of the Zagreb Stock Exchange she obtained a license as an authorized broker. She completed didactic-methodological and psychological training for conducting educational activities.

She continues her professional career as an independent consultant and educator.