BIZ.SUPPORT conducts education and trainings in the following areas: business finance, financial analysis, business planning and capital budgeting, cost-benefit analysis, controlling, company valuation, business combinations, financial markets and institutions, financial instruments and risk management.

Trainings are conducted as complete programs or as separate modules. Trainings are created for the client's needs and carried out in the client's premises (in-house).

Business finance

Module I: Business Finance - Fundamental Terms

Module II: Operational Activities

Module III: Financial Activities

Module IV: Investment Activities

Financial analysis

Module I: Financial Reports as a Basis for Financial Analysis

Module II: Cash Flow Analysis

Module III: Cost Analysis

Module IV: Capital Budgeting Analysis

Module V: Equity Analysis

Module VI: Comparative Financial Analysis

Business Planning

Module I: The Basic Principles of Business Planning

Module II: Strategic Planning

Module III: Operational Short-term Planning and Budgeting

Business Plan / Investment Study

Module I: Content and Structure of the Business Plan / Investment Study

Module II: Economic and Financial Analysis of Investment Project

Module III: Economic and Market Evaluation of Investment Project

Module IV: Risk Analysis of Investment Project

Cost Benefit Analysis

Module I: CBA within EU Funds

Module II: Feasibility Study with CBA


Module I: Financial Controlling

Module II: Product Costing and Pricing

Module III: Production Controlling

Module IV: Sales Controlling

Module V: Investment Controlling

Module VI: Managing and Controlling Risk

Business valuation

Module I: Due Diligence - Concept and Types

Module II: Asset-Based Approach to Valuation

Module III: Income-Based Approach to Valuation

Module IV: Combined Methods