Business plan and investment study

BIZ.SUPPORT has prepared more than 70 investment studies, business plans and feasibility studies, in the field of tourism (nautical tourism, golf tourism, culinary tourism, private renters, hotels, car camps, catering), agriculture, trade , furniture production, car sales, real estate projects, etc.

Strategic plan and development strategy

Strategic planning is the process of adopting a strategy or direction, and at the same time the process of finding resources for the implementation of the strategy, taking into account capital resources and employees. The strategic plan provides the basis and framework for preparing plans at lower organizational levels.

The owner of BIZ.SUPPORT was the holder or team member for the development of a series of strategic plans for financial institutions and higher education institutions in which she was engaged.

Business valuation

Assessing the value of a company is the basis for making a series of strategic business decisions. Company valuation is performed when buying or selling a company or individual segments of the company, when making decisions about investing in the company, when inheriting the company for the purpose of determining the tax base and in various forms of business combinations (mergers, acquisitions, etc.).

BIZ.SUPPORT has been engaged in assessing the value of numerous tourist companies (hotel management and golf tourism).

Financial restructuring

Restructuring of the company is perfomed at the operational, financial and strategic level. Operational restructuring involves changes in the production mix, introduction of new products, improvement of distribution channels, reduction of material costs and employee costs, directing production toward demand, all with the aim of raising profitability and liquidity of the company. Operational restructuring is aimed at increasing revenues, reducing costs and reducing assets.

Financial restructuring is carried out through measures aimed at preventing insolvency and ensuring the short-term survival of the company. The medium-term and long-term goal of financial restructuring is to define a quality capital structure and its reconstruction, which refers to changes in the capital structure and indebtedness of the company.

Strategic restructuring includes structural reorganization of business in terms of reorganization and rationalization of existing entrepreneurial activities, a stronger turn towards new products, business models, technology, new markets, and sometimes structural change in the "core" business of the company.

Due diligence

Due diligence is an in-depth analysis of a business, which usually precedes a strategic business decision. It is carried out when making a decision on conducting business combinations, most often the purchase of a company, mergers and acquisitions, or in-depth analysis is carried out for the process of operational and / or financial restructuring. Comprehensive in-depth analysis covers the financial, legal, commercial and technical segments of the business.

BIZ.SUPPORT provides a financial in-depth analysis with the provision of partners for the implementation of other segments of in-depth analysis, legal, commercial and technical in-depth analysis.

BIZ.SUPPORT has been engaged in financial restructuring and due diligence activities of several manufacturing companies (furniture production, stone production).


Strategic controlling operates at the strategic level, analyzes and sets strategic goals, analyzes the need for strategic action and identifies new business opportunities. Operational controlling operates at the operational level or at the level of some business functions of the company.

BIZ.SUPPORT provides business consulting and education in the field of controlling and business analysis, as well as preparation of control reports for the management.